Package 20 kg*


  •  Jade is durable, it will serve you for many years.
  •  The stone is excavated from the depths of the ground; therefore, it is not exhausted by external factors.
  •  Jade is a stone of fine-grained structure and very beautiful green colour.
  •  This stone is universal and it is perfect for saunas, ceiling decoration and jewellery.
  •  Jade keeps warmth for the longer time, compared with other stones.
  •  Chemical features of jades are useful for human health.


Large fraction

Average fraction

Small fraction

Stone size

13 cm and larger
10-13 cm
5-7 cm


Branded plastic package 20 kg
Branded plastic package 20 kg
Branded plastic package 20 kg


For any inquiries regarding larger or smaller quantities and wholesale prices, please contact by using the contact details provided.


*The density of the stones sold is higher than that of ordinary stones;
therefore, their mass is larger.

Additional Information
Weight20.4 kg

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